HideMyAss review

When you connect a VPN, you automatically trigger the protection of your data while transferring traffic on the Internet. This way, no one can identify your real IP address, intercept it or monitor your actions. In this article, we will take a look at one of the leading VPN worldwide hidemyass VPN and tell you about its most important features.

Privacy & Registration

The first thing to look at when hidemyass review is its level of privacy. There is a lot of text in the application about the privacy policy. You can find them in the menu under the “Legal Information” tab, where there are 12 sections devoted to this topic.
The privacy policy assures that the app does not keep records of source IP addresses, through which you can be easily tracked, and the time of activity. Also, the VPN does not record DNS requests and data transfer histories, which is a definite plus. But it does collect some minimal data. It does log your megabytes used, but it only logs the whole 100 megabytes. This is explained by the fact that in the future if there are any problems, it will be easier to fix them.
It is also worth knowing that from time to time the site is subject to a general check of its logging. The analysis includes checking the data, traffic, and storage on both the client and the application side, but since this report is not publicly available, you should not worry about it.

The HMA VPN applications

When you install a VPN, you need to choose your plan, payment method and pay for the subscription. After that, the application itself opens in front of you. The developers have recently worked well on the interface of the application so that it has become even easier, the old systems have been replaced by new optimized and simplified interfaces that are intuitive for any user.
The downloaded application for both Android and iPhone is almost the same and retains all its functionality, which is very good because sometimes developers are more focused on the computer version of the VPN and forget about the mobile applications. But this is not our case.

The main functions of the VPN

The design is by nature standardized, there you will find a list of locations and a button to connect to them. As well as a settings window where you can also find everything you need. In the updated version you can easily find the location you need because they are now browsed by continent or type, you can also type in the location you want, add it to your favorites and all your requests will be saved in the search bar.
The app also has a special feature that can effectively find the best server for you and estimate their delay and upload speed. Additional features include automatic linking to a VPN each time you access the Internet, as well as an option to automatically protect your system after you disconnect the VPN.

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