Best Methods to Uninstall Avast Secure Browser

Avast usually offers you to get its browser in a bundle with an antivirus or another cybersecurity application. However, it is important to find out whether Avast secure browser is a viable choice for an ordinary user.

Users very often look for the best methods to uninstall Avast Secure Browser for a reason. The article will dive into the details of the features and downsides of the application. It is essential to make a right choice, because people spend a lot of time surfing the internet nowadays and they want to make sure their experience is smooth.

Deleting the application via the Control Panel

This method is probably the most convenient and effortless one. Any user will be able to perform it following the steps:

  • Launch the control panel through the Windows main menu or by pressing the “Win + X” combination of keys;
  • Find the application you would like to get rid of, which in this case is Secure Browser;
  • Select the application and choose the “delete” option to remove it from the system.

When the browser uninstalling tool pops up, do not forget to choose the option, which removes all the data from the application too. This will help to free some additional space.

More advanced method of deleting

This method requires more knowledge of the Windows operating system from the user. However, in some cases it is the most efficient and reliable one.

The sequence of actions:

  • Launch the command bar be pressing the “Win + R” key combination;
  • Type in the command for launching the registry options (regedit);
  • Search for the files related to the application you are trying to delete and select all of them.
  • Choose the delete option but make sure you have not missed any of the folders;

Deleting the browser with the help of third-party applications

This method might be considered a fairly easy one, but the user has to find the appropriate uninstalling tool to make the process smooth. You can try to use the uninstalling tool from Avast itself:

  • Use the official website to download and install the newest version of the removing tool;
  • Launch the extension and check all the boxes that relate to the browser or its data to delete everything;
  • Confirm all the actions and wait for the process to end to reboot your computer.

Avast Secure Browser is not the best option for a modern user considering the availability of free and much more advanced applications from famous corporations. Thus, if you get it on your system in a bundle with and antivirus you may find the article a great source of information on how to get rid of it in three different ways.

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